Shaped Windows double glazing in Leighton Buzzard Local to Ampthill

Shaped Windows by Foulger and Childs

Choosing the right windows to match the style of your home is important. Whatever your style of home - modern or traditional, our windows will improve the appearance

Double Glazing In Leighton Buzzard Local to Ampthill for all types of Shaped Windows

You can count on Foulger & Childs to be a great source for double glazed windows. In Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas

Our Shaped Windows have Energy-saving features are priority when it comes to Foulger & Childs windows. Our double glazing units are built with a special seal to help keep out winter draughts. Utilising ‘K glass’ they act like a one-way valve, reducing heat loss but also allowing warmth in from the outside. Respectively, outside noise is eradicated & your energy costs lowered. Our wide ranges of frames are with state-of-the-art locking systems and our internally-glazed for added security and use REHAU profiles. Click here to view our Gallery


Based in Leighton Buzzard Local to Ampthill for all your double glazing requirements